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Located in Fayetteville Arkansas

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As seen on Amazon's Shiny Happy People (2023)


Amy is a working actress, model, & brand ambassador. She is an avid content creator and serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses anchored in Northwest Arkansas.

A reality TV personality turned brand ambassador, Amy's influencer partnerships are a sustaining income force for her life.

Our focus was to improve the quality of her vendor relationships, simplify her pricing model, & increase her paid media appearances leading up to the release of Amazon's Shiny Happy People docuseries. 

Heather & her team established brand partnership strategy, media, high performing content, brand storytelling plan, influencer networking, strategic partnerships with talent agencies, and a media kit.​

  • Produced high-impact content centered around storytelling, humor, mental health, & entertainment. 
  • Improved engagement rate by over 2% in under 90 days.
  • Spring 2022, Josh Duggar Trial – Public Relations throughout the high profile sentencing trial of Amy’s cousin. 
  • Established outreach and advocacy efforts as a result of an outpouring of survivor communication.
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In Heather's words...

Amy is an absolute powerhouse. Growing up, her proximity to one of Arkansas’ most infamous families gained her early stardom. Performing in three separate reality shows before her 35th birthday, “Cousin” Amy already had a well-established marketing and press plan when we began working together. 

I helped Amy produce & promote content focused towards advocacy and authenticity, speaking out on tough topics while building and nurturing the brand relationships that support her family.

We ditched the “black sheep” persona developed by the TV network when she was only 21 years old.

Refreshing her brand, we crafted high-converting mental health content via TikTok, Reels, and Instagram posts. Amy didn’t shy away from talking about the hard things. Instead, she explained her perspective on her Cousin’s horrific crimes, encouraged victims to seek help, and modeled how to distance from toxic family members. Amy increased her outreach, partnering with a number of survivor organizations to lend her time and energy to causes related to mental health, abuse, and exploitation.

We can talk about it. We can make a difference in how others talk about it.

Helping direct Amy’s outreach efforts during her Cousin’s public sentencing for truly unspeakable crimes was a tough balance to maintain. She saw no choice but to speak out– and in doing so for the first time, the impact was impossible to ignore. Amy found her voice, railing against exploitation, connecting with victims, and contributing to charity efforts in her hometown.

Back to Basics

Balance, motherhood, & passive income

After three years of working daily in her clothing boutique, Amy’s goal was to spend less time at the shop and more time at home raising her son. We worked together to devise a strategy to close her brick & mortar boutique, shift operations online, and focus her content on building her personal brand so that her brand partnerships could replace her income. went online-only in Summer 2022.


Driving PR and advocacy efforts during a stressful press cycle.
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